Great Lakes Boatbuilding Company has been producing small wood boats since 1985. The shop is run by expert boat builder Mike Kiefer who is currently building stock dinghy's for yachtsmen and Whitehall rowing and sailing boats as day sailers. The boats are built to the highest standards in wood construction and are beautiful, strong and long lasting.

"Growing up in Detroit, Michigan it is hard to not love the Great Lakes and boats," says Mike Kiefer. "I have always loved woodworking, boating and exploring so building and sailing boats came naturally to me."

After college (BA in English/ BS in Industrial Arts) I worked in the building trades as a carpenter and later earned my builders license and went into business for myself. I did building and remodeling for 12 years and learned to work accurately and efficiently as well as hold my own on any construction crew. I started building boats for myself as a hobby, necessity being the mother of invention.

As my reputation as a craftsman grew several men approached me to build their boats early in my career. These boatbuilding projects were successful and enjoyable so I actively pursued building boats. One thing led to another and after building or restoring about 300 vessels I think I know a thing or two about wood boats. Interestingly, I enjoy it as much or more as when I started.

In addition to building boats for avid sailors, Kiefer has two sidelines: boats as movie props (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lemony Snicket) and rustic wooden signs.

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