Kristin Brown creates custom furniture and home decor using locally sourced, salvaged and reclaimed materials, building her unique pieces in her woodshop in Hawaii.

"Mae Brown Furniture was founded on the premise that nature is beautiful, inspirational, and essential to achieving harmony within a space," she says.

Using salvaged exotic and reclaimed lumber, Brown says, "Emphasis is placed on highlighting the intrinsic raw beauty of wood, which includes treating cracks, knots, and age marks as nature’s works of art."

Brown's custom furniture and home decor are built from wood sourced within the Hawaiian islands.

Most pieces are constructed with “salvaged” exotic woods, meaning that the wood is obtained when a tree dies, falls down due to wind/storm, or is removed because it is threatening other trees, homes, or outlying areas.

Many Mae Brown pieces are constructed from salvaged Monkeypod (at left) or Ohai wood "with the wonderfully unique combination of being local, beautiful and sustainable," she says.

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A faux floating bed of reclaimed cypress wood actually rests on a bed frame hidden recessed platform constructed from reclaimed douglas fir and recycled plywood stainless steel custom corner brackets and hanging hardware natural matte finish. 


Early last year Mae Brown Furniture moved from her shop in Honolulu to a new space in Waimanalo.The move "achieves some important goals: more space, an open/creative work environment (I share the warehouse with four other extremely talented woodworkers), and a closer proximity to the beautiful local woods that I love working with."

Brown says of of them "is the guy who taught me just about everything I know, douglas gordon of Hawaiian Fine Furniture."

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