Schenk Architectural Imports Ltd., Calgary, AB — Laser edgebanding has opened up new opportunities for the cabinet door company. Since installing the IMA Novimat laser edgebander in December, Schenk has expanded its Stijle branded contemporary cabinet doors and panels.

The scope of the line now includes: Soho high-gloss UV lacquered panels, Soma high-gloss 3mm polycarbonate panels, Como TSS textured woodgrain panels, Plateau super matte PET foil panels, Mesa melamine panels in solid colors and woodgrains, and the Kitsilano range of deep-textured veneered panels with wood edgebanding.

According to Owner Karl Schenk benefits of laser edgebanding include: the attractiveness of a seamless edge; no glue line so no penetration of dirt, bacteria or moisture into the panel; and the lack of glue means virtually no set-up time during the manufacturing process.

“We are leaders in contemporary styling and our focus is to maintain that position within our niche by identifying trends and technologies and adapting them to our business,” Schenk says.

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