RUTLAND, Vt - On August 21st 2014, Rutland Plywood Corp (RPC) suffered a catastrophic fire and lost its entire manufacturing facility. Here is the report from the company's website:
We were relieved that there were no injuries during the fire.
The outpouring of community support has been overwhelming and appreciated by everyone it has touched.The future of Rutland Plywood remains uncertain at this time. We will continue to update this website as our plans develop to see what the future holds.
RPC was founded in Rutland,VT in 1957 and has remained a family run business throughout its 58+ years of operation. The Company has provided a stable environment and livelihood to many people over the years. RPC products such as DymondWood ® and StrataBond ® and many others were used through-out the world.
All of us at Rutland Plywood would like to thank all of the employees and their families who have made our company a leading worldwide manufacturer in many products. We want to thank our many customers and their employees who have partnered with us and have become a part of the Rutland Plywood Family. We miss you and hope the future allows us to partner back up again
Rutland Plywood, founded in 1957, produces veneer laminate and resin impregnated wood products used in gun and knife blade handles: DymondWood Densified, Impregnated Hardwood Composites; Stratabond, Colored Hardwood Veneer Composites for Gunstocks; ColorWood, Colored Hardwood Veneer Composites; and EHC Engineered Hardwood Composites. 

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