Drawers and pull-outs in kitchens are right-angled. That's at least what you think. On closer inspection, though, their side profiles are in most cases seen to be thicker or rounded at the bottom. Developed in-house, Germany's premium kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl now for the first time presents a new design of drawer and pull-out for all of its kitchens with sides that are of equal thickness from top to bottom and meet the base at right angles. Crafted from the finest materials and featuring an LED lighting system, it adds significantly to the kitchen's exclusive feel, practical value and flexibility.

Poggenpohl had developed a new design of side profiles, pull-outs and drawers for the tall and base units from its Porsche Design kitchen back in 2008. And this is the difference: the pull-out sides consist of smooth, right-angled profiles in a thickness of just 8 mm from top to bottom, both inside and out. Connection of the drawer runner with the side profile, currently the thinnest on the market, and attachment of the front panel are the result of exacting, fine craftsmanship.

The exclusiveness of the new drawers and pull-outs is not only reflected in their design and assembly but also in the materials used and in their practical value. The new Poggenpohl side profiles are made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum. All versions are also available with assisted opening and the pull-outs with additional integrated LED lighting that is automatically activated on opening to provide just the right "perspective".

Another advantage for the user is that the interior can be individually organised entirely as desired. Poggenpohl supplies two organization systems for its drawers and pull-outs. One is a modular box system with different inserts in real walnut or maple wood, including all-purpose boxes with adjustable cross dividers, cutlery trays, spice-jar, knife and plate holders. The other is a sophisticated system of modules in which the base is lined with linoleum and the interior subdivided by variable cross-bars in aluminum or walnut.

SOURCE: Poggenpohl

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