VISTA, Calif., Dec. 7, 2010 -- EcoBlu Products, Inc., (OTC Bulletin Board: ECOB) announced today that the company has successfully completed fire testing at QAI Laboratories meeting class "A" specifications for E84 Surface Burning Characteristics. EcoBlu Products successfully tested Douglas Fir and Spruce Pine Fir lumber meeting class "A" flame spread and reduced smoke production. Our low cost Fire Inhibiting (FRC Technology) protection coupled with our proprietary Surface Film™ preventing Mold/Mycotoxin, Termites and other wood ingesting insects is a significant accomplishment in the market place.

With the continued tightening of the credit market, demand for multifamily housing is starting to increase. EcoBlu Products is experiencing strong interest from developers of multifamily projects now that we can provide Fire, Mold and Termite protection at a small incremental cost in the lumber package. The following link is a story of an Escondido project that burned down in the framing stages back in 2007 proving the need for EcoBlu's protection.

"Another milestone in the product development has been reached. The timing for us to release our new product line with class 'A' fire specifications is perfect," said Steve Conboy, President and CEO of EcoBlu Products. "The fact that our lumber not only protects the folks living in multifamily units it also protects the builder and firemen during construction so what happened in Escondido will not happen as easy," added Conboy.

About EcoBlu Products, Inc.

EcoBlu Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of proprietary wood products treated with an eco-friendly proprietary chemistry that protects against fire, mold/mycotoxins, fungus, rot-decay, wood ingesting insects and termites with EcoBlu's Surface Film™ and FRC™ technology (Fire Retardant Coating). EcoBlu products utilizing patent pending technology is the ultimate in wood protection, preservation, and fire safety to building components constructed of wood; from joists, beams and paneling, to floors and ceilings.

SOURCE EcoBlu Products, Inc.

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