With effect from 01.01.2012 the “Menck Fenster”- company group has established a new trading company in Great Britain, called "Menck Windows International Limited".

Menck Windows International Limited, headquartered in London, is focused primarily on the UK window market, but also acquires jobs in other European countries, such as in France.

Menck Windows International Ltd. occurs in the European market as a trading company procuring all goods & services from its German parent company “Menck Fenster GmbH”. So all these benefits are manufactured in the usual "Menck Fenster - quality" under the strict quality guidelines in Wittenförden near Schwerin with high technical know-how and the maximum individuality.

We are able to meet most requirements, ranging from premium basic products up to most sophisticated and customized building elements in the following areas:

•Wood windows

•Wood-metal-windows (aluminium, bronze, steel, glass)

•Post-rail-façade designs

•Front doors

•Customized designs

Our range covers functions as for example:

•Inswing windows (casement, pivot-hung, parallel-sliding-pivot hung, folding)

•Outswing windows (casement, top-hung, folding)

•Horizontal and vertical pivoting windows

•Sliding elements, vertical and horizontal.

It is our designated goal to meet highly sophisticated requirements in the below areas:

•Thermal insulation and energy efficiency

•Forces of nature (hurricane, flooding, avalanche)

•Security (burglar resistant and bullet-proof)

•Acoustic insulation

This ensures that we will continue to serve the international market with Menck windows "made in Germany".

As Managing Director of Menck Windows International Ltd. in London, Dr. Claus Moehlmann is responsible for business operations and project management.

For more information about Menck Windows International Ltd. visit: www.menck-windows.com

Source: Mench Windows International Ltd.

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