MIAMI, FL  --  The LUMIRON RONDO LMT-120R-12L-T3 is a high-grade circular module. It is 1.2 inches and designed to produce outstanding dimmable lighting with no flickering that is easy to install for new or retrofit in existing fixtures. LUMIRON'S RONDO LMT-120R-12L-T3 is an innovative solid state lighting solution for design, commercial/industrial and marine application.

The 12 LED module is high-power with multiple white or color excellent lighting applications while reducing the impact on the environment. This LED replaces any Halogen lighting. One of the benefits over Halogen lighting is that LEDS do not generate heat like a Halogen bulb making LEDs the safer choice.

It comes in cool white, neutral white, warm white, red, green or blue. The RONDO LMT-120R-12LT3 has a considerably lower power usage using only 3 watts of power and is available in 12V AC/DC, 24V AC/DC AND 13-36V AC-DC. It can be made to mount with side pins, back pins or cables. LEDs have lower heat emission and no UV or Mercury that makes it a cost effective environmentally conscious product with a life time of about 50,000 hours of use.

LUMIRON'S RONDO LMT-120R-12L-T3 is a solid, USA made LED product that has gone through our rigorous in-house testing with a 3 year warranty. Lumiron designs and manufactures LED lighting, controllers and dimmers made in the USA. For more info, please contact or visit our web:

Source: Lumiron, Inc.

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