HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL - FANUC FA America has introduced a new option which allows the Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNCs to be monitored remotely using tablet-type devices. This latest advancement in remote monitoring greatly enhances the maintainability and production capabilities of the FANUC CNC.

The most innovative CNC from FANUC, the Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNC, is now capable of acting as a web server. It allows you to display CNC screens on any device on your network; for example, over wireless Ethernet to communicate with a tablet-type device. This ability allows maintenance or production personnel on the shop floor to monitor all the CNC equipment from across the shop in one location and on one device.

FANUC Series 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNCs are the best in class for performance and reliability for standard CNC applications up to the most complex machine tools and non-traditional applications. For advanced smooth and accurate simultaneous 5-axis high-speed machining, FANUC's 30i-B/31i-B5 CNCs boast the new High-Speed Smooth TCP with new fairing technology. This drastically reduces cycle times while improving part accuracy and quality. For complex machining processes, this is the ideal combination of FANUC's legendary reliability and modern high speed 5-axis features. In addition, FANUC Series 30i-MODEL B CNCs (this includes 30i-B, 31i-B, 31i-B5, 32i-B & 35i-B) offer a newly enhanced high-speed and large capacity, multi-path PMC offering large scale sequence control with a maximum of 5 concurrent independent ladders. Execution of common instructions is over 2.5 times faster than previous generation, with additional capability of high speed module executing every 1ms.

By choosing a machine tool with a FANUC CNC it will be available for production more often, process more parts and use less energy.

Source: FANUC FA America



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