Milan, Italy - Easier to operate and impressive in terms of price, performance, quality and functionality. With its TLF 210, BARGSTEDT was at the XYLEXPO 2012 with a storage system which automatically supplies two processing machines with material at once.

Bargstedt TLF 210 at Xylexpo 2012This multitalent is equally efficient as a panel cutting center with HOLZMA panel sizing saw from the HPP series and as a pure material buffer storage system. This area storage system also makes a big impression in combination with a CNC machine from WEEKE. The machines networked with the TLF 210 are integrated into the control system via the storage area software and are fully automatically supplied with material.

An area storage system to this technical standard has never been so affordable. A wide number of improvements have been integrated as standard. For instance, following extensive tests BARGSTEDT now uses measurement sensors capable of reliably detecting almost any surface type. The patented storage software woodStore, the nerve center of every BARGSTEDT storage system, now has new key features for even more effective use of the available storage area. Because with woodStore 5.0, the storage systems now benefit from intelligent control software and new functions. Included as a standard feature is Easy2Work, which presents new and familiar functions in a user-friendly 3D view and makes for significantly simplified operation. Even untrained personnel will have no problem controlling the storage system correctly.

BARGSTEDT technologies speak for themselves:

Easy2Work – the revolutionary control center with ultramodern 3D graphics

View – the integrated picture database for automatic assignment of the right decor

Input – automatic completion with smart data template for panel handling

FlexSort – intelligent buffering of material for the next work step without wasting storage space

OffCut Assist for optimum material yield from new parts to waste pieces

IntelliStore for dynamic storage oganization in compliance with production conditions

Optimization of the production sequence to reduce restacking processes by up to 90 %

Database system SQL Server with unlimited report possibilities and seamless integration for the customer

DTP 3.0 with automatic weight measurement and intelligent sensor technology for maximum panel handling safety

With the TLF 210, what BARGSTEDT is offering is a new-format storage system which customers have awarded top marks for technology, project management and servicing.


Source: Bargstedt

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