Jason Plummer, second generation manager in 46-location Edwardsville-based R.P. Lumber, is waging a spirited race as Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Illinois after winning a six-way battle for the nomination.

The family business kicked in $1.3 million to fund the race against a better-known Democrat candidate for the office who is paired with the incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn.
Jason Plummer's family has also developed thousands of homes in Illinois subdivisions.

Plummer, 28, resides in Edwardsville, 15 minutes from St. Louis. He is VP Corporate Development at R.P. Lumber  and works in related personal and family businesses, focusing on property development, real estate services, and private equity investments. Plummer's campaign page says R.P. Lumber and  related businesses created and maintain more than 1,000 jobs in Illinois.

Plummers other credentials include an appointment as Intelligence Officer in the United States Navy Reserves, and a post as intern for former U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald. He earned a B.S. in finance at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. 

Jason emerged from a tough six-way primary as the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor. He credits his victory to the hard work and dedication of a great team of family, volunteers, and staff committed to improving our great state. As he often puts it, "Our struggles in Illinois are not due to a lack of talent or resources in Illinois, they are due to a lack of leadership in Springfield." Jason is working hard to bring this new brand of leadership to Springfield – leadership that will work to address the serious issues Illinois faces.

 Lumberyard owner Jason Plummer (r) campaigns for Illinois'
second highest office.

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