Designer Wendy Scott to appear on The Podcast Business Network

Wendy Scott, Timeless Closets and Cabinetry

MILFORD, N.J. - Award-winning designer Wendy Scott of Timeless Closets and Cabinetry will participate in a series of live interviews with The Podcast Business Network starting April 26.

As a repeat award-winner in the field of custom closet and cabinetry design, Scott brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Her innovative approach to space utilization and timeless design has positioned Timeless Closets and Cabinetry as a leader in the industry.

During all podcast episodes, Scott will be interviewed by news personality Jill Nicolini. The discussions will explore various topics, highlighting the business landscape and Scott's dedication to crafting functional and stylish living spaces. 

Topics include:

April 26th: "It's Only a Closet" - Exploring the potential of small spaces for maximum efficiency and functionality, a cornerstone of Timeless Closets and Cabinetry's design philosophy.

May 3rd: "How Much Does a Custom Closet Cost?" - Providing insights into the factors influencing the cost of custom closet design and installation, offering transparency to our valued customers.

May 10th: "What's Trending in Closet Design" - Highlighting the latest trends and innovations in closet design, inspired by Wendy Scott's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments.

Wendy Scott's Elegant Hearth Haven project won the Specialty category in the 2024 Top Shelf Design Awards.

May 17th: "Transforming the Future Workforce" – For this episode, the podcast shifts focus to those championing the future workforce. This segment will interview Executive Director Amanda Conger of the National Woods Board, who will emphasize strategies for empowering talent and driving innovation within the woodworking industry.

May 24th: "What's in My Closet" - Sharing practical tips and advice for organizing and decluttering closets, reflecting Timeless Closets and Cabinetry's dedication to helping customers achieve harmony in their living spaces.

May 31st: "Glam Dressing Room" - Exploring the concept of creating luxurious and functional dressing room spaces, showcasing Timeless Closets and Cabinetry's commitment to elevating personal style.

For those unable to join the live broadcasts, the archived versions of the interviews will be available 48 hours after each recording. 

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