Woodworking machinery that engages operators to make them more productive - whether through machine design, ergonomic controls, or graphical user interfaces on equipment - sets the baseline trend for technology advances at LIGNA 2015.

But smarter machines that take direction from - and provide feedback to - fully integrated factory management systems are also key. These machines can respond to variances in materials, or sequences of one-off "Batch 1" production.

And perhaps the most exciting aspect of this technology is that it is even more accessible than ever to smaller shops, as well as large scale cabinetry and furniture manufacturing businesses.

"Now it's all 5-axis, all motorized tables on CNCs," says Karl Frey of SCM. "Settings are parametrically tied in to the software." The enhanced automation in CNCs enhances their productivity, but also, when combined with automated setting by a motorized table, can eliminate the need for aggregate heads. "Set up takes less than 30 seconds" for the table Frey says. "The next big questions is choosing which software will you use to drive it."  

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