Harvey Industries has entered the U.S. market with the Gyro Air Dust Processor. Its patented design aerodynamically splits wood dust from air using less energy, and generating less noise, according to Mark Strahler, Harvey Industries’ U.S. marketing manager.
“You’ve never seen anything like it because there’s never been anything quite like it,” Strahler says.


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The Harvey Gyro Air G700 design also makes it run more quietly, according to Strahler.  It produces a noise level of 72Db, which is equivalent to the level of a quiet conversation.

Noise in these standard systems is attributed to not only the air flow noise from the impeller but also the racket caused by the chips and particles being slammed into the bag and filter housings or cyclone chambers. Strahler says Gyro Air overcomes this by managing every aspect of the air flow.  Patented Gyro Air technology and completely internal working parts keep the decibel levels to between 61 and 72dB, depending on which speed you use. 
The impeller housing is enclosed inside the cabinet, dampening the sound of the air flow. The dust and air flows smoothly from the impeller into the vane structure which generates the vortex without smashing the dust particles into the walls of the duct work. The few tiny dust particles which make through to the pleated filters make very little noise due to their size and the fact that the filters are also housed inside of the cabinet.
Unlike any dust collector on the market, Harvey says Gyro Air uses axial centrifugation to spin the air/dust stream to over 4,000 RPM to separate dust from the air and collect it in the two bins hidden inside the unit. The G700 collects 99.9 percent of the dust particles before the air reaches the pleated filters. The air emission cleanliness level from these filters can reach an impressive 0.05 mg/cubic meter. The aerodynamically optimized extraction system can save up to 50 percent on energy.
The heavy-duty casters allow the Gyro Air to move wherever it’s needed, and its fully enclosed housing is low enough to fit under most work benches. Two dust bins are sealed when in use and are accessed through a side panel, rolling out for emptying.  The Gyro Air uses an industrial Siemens motor and controls and can handle dust output from one or two machines at a time. It comes with a two-year warranty. www.harveywoodworking.com 

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