"I believe we can enhance the quality of our lives by surrounding ourselves with objects that possess values beyond their function or aesthetic, that possess intelligence in their creation, that one can interact with and that will stimulate senses each and every time one engages with them.”
Joseph Walsh founded his studio and workshop in 1999 in Co. Cork, Ireland. Walsh’s creative approach reflects his appreciation of nature and also his desire to engage the user with visual and tactile forms.
Walsh's workshop, employing an international team, engages in resolving technical challenges as his work becomes more complex. They explore new materials while continuing to further the possibilities of engaging with wood. The work of the studio continues to advance skills, inspire an innovative response and challenge existing practice in achieving the ambitious pieces realized.
Walsh was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by University College Cork in 2015 in recognition of his contribution to design.
Walsh’s work can be found in many significant international museums and private collections and is regularly exhibited at major art and design fairs.

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