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Engravers Dungeon Laser Etches Pine Movie Posters

Engraver`s Dungeon was formed by a team of graphic designers and engineers passionate about science fiction, space, physics and horror movies. Using laser engraving the UK-based group combines its technical experience with its passion for the subjects.To create a laser engraved wood poster, they combine traditional woodcraft with advanced design programs.All the posters are made of quality solid pine wood. The are 7.5 x 11.5 inches, by 3/4 inches thick.Here's how they do it:

Project Gallery

Wooden Boat Builders Create Award Winning Restaurant

The complex geometries of a sculpted wood interior for Raw Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan required the services of a boat builder .Architect Camiel Weijenberg and his team said, "It was important to create a space that served as a sanctuary from the hectic Taipei scene, evoked by the use of natural materials and soft finishing. The unique feature of the design is the continuous natural wooden structure, which runs throughout the restaurant without obvious columns and structural elements holding it up."


Who Invented the First Wood Piano?

Early pianos were often crafted with cypress, spruce or pine for the soundboard and hardwoods like hickory, beech and maple for pins and bridges. Piano inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori likely used these materials when he created the first piano in 1720.