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Home décor delivers space solutions

Last year there was a focus on decluttering. As a next step, consumers will solve for their space solutions through home décor spanning segments like furniture, hardware, paint, flooring, rugs, organization solutions, and more.


4 ideas for organizing and updating the home this spring

MISSION, Kan. - While spring naturally means it’s time for a refresh for many homeowners, it doesn’t mean they’re limited only to a cleaning party. Taking advantage of the season by using it as an opportunity to upgrade different areas of the home for reasons ranging from energy efficiency and convenience to ease of living and safety.
With increasing technology for smart home devices and ever-evolving design styles, upgrading the home can be take a variety of forms.


Wellborn Launches You Draw It Cabinetry Design Application

Wellborn Cabinet, Ashland, AL, launches You Draw It, a program for custom designs to personalize hardware on customized cabinetry projects. The consumer and designer work with Wellborn using the configurator for projects such as a custom baker's pantry, a bench seat, kitchen hoods, pantries, pet areas, and furniture hutches.


Closet Remodelers: 5 Ways to Help Clients Declutter

I began working every day for 10 minutes on decluttering and organizing a space — a cabinet, a couple of drawers, a few shelves, a section of my closet. Once you create a daily decluttering habit, it becomes second nature, and before you know it your house is streamlined and organized with your most essential, meaningful items.