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Checks in cherry lumber

Q. We just started processing some cherry lumber that was planed S2S by the supplier. We are seeing a small number of checks developing, especially in the flat sawn pieces. We are really perplexed as to what is causing this.

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Cherry is poised for a comeback, says Irion Lumber

Years ago, walnut was king, then cherry became the most sought after species. Meanwhile, curly or tiger maple became very hot, good mahogany was available, and quarter sawn white oak ascended. The curly maple and cherry markets crashed in the recession. Walnut has returned. Is cherry next?


Where Does Your Consistency Come From?

I’ve been blessed in my career to have seen literally thousands of sanding processes. This has taught me humility when I first approach a new customer because you never really know what inspired them to do things that, on the outset, seem rather silly and counterproductive.