cabinets & closets expo


A brief history of modern closet industry era

Prior to year 2000, the closet industry consisted of the franchises and the other guys. Trying to pull this industry together was like herding cats, until a chance encounter at the Hafele booth at IWF-1998 when Mike Carson saw Closet written on Jeff Klein’s name badge, and visa-verse. Read the rest of the story


Results of the 2016 Cabinet & Closets Conference & Expo survey

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - The 2016 Cabinets & Closets Conference & Expo held March 22-24 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California was a resounding success with a significant increase in attendance and size. Show attendance shot up 24 percent compared to Cabinets & Closets Expo 2015 in Chicago. And total square footage for the Southern California event, held at the Pasadena Convention Center, increased by 28 percent, including 30 first-time exhibitors.