BLACK HILLS, S.D. - A new soft starter from Raymond Innovations reduces electrical inrush current by 83 percent - resulting in a safer soft startup that lengthens the lives of power tools.
The soft starter was designed specifically for universal motor power tools that lack a built-in soft starter, says Raymond. That includes miter saws, chop saws, table saws, circular saws, routers, planers, grinders, etc.
Benefits of the soft starter include less mechanical stress, higher safety, prevented breaker tripping, saved electricity, and the before-mentioned 83 percent inrush reduction.
This graph represents the typical electrical inrush current vs. the inrush current after installation of a Raymond Innovations soft starter. 
The company offers two versions - one ideal for tools up to 15 amps and the other for nine amps.
A product review on the company's site says: 
"I love turning on my table saw and hearing it spool up like a turbo. I can hear and feel the difference in my tools performance and I see it in my electric bill. Its a must have for any shop or home."

Raymond Innovations is a small South Dakota-based startup specializing in aftermarket, synchronous motor soft-starters.

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