PROVIDENCE, R.I. -  Optimized for 10.6 µm wood cutting and engraving laser systems, where depth-of-field is critical, Laser Research Optics line of field-replacement CO2 optics feature lenses in a wide range of focal lengths for low power lasers used in wood production.
In addition to cutting patterns in panel, lasers are increasingly used for branding purposes, marking drawer boxes with the third-party labels for cabinetmakers who sell the finished product.
Laser Research Optics CO2 Laser Lenses and Mirrors are intended for direct field replacement, and come in 1/2" to 1-1/2" diameter sizes with focal lengths from 1" to 25" in 1/2" increments, with coatings to meet specific phase and polarization requirements.
Especially effective for plywood, these lenses have 40-20 scratch-dig surface quality, < 1/40th wave sphericity, and provide < 0.2% total absorption values. These lenses and mirrors are available for Camtech, Emission Technologies, Epilog, Ferba, Kern, Laser Pro Engravers, LST Lasers, Pinnacle, Synrad, Trotec, Universal, Vytek engraving and marking lasers.
Laser Research Optics is a division of Meller Optics, Inc., a manufacturer of hard crystalline materials such as ruby and sapphire since 1921.

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