CHICAGO – Global design manufacturer Herman Miller has announced at NeoCon 2017 what it says is the first human-centered, enterprise-ready system of connected furnishings. Live OS, featuring an app and dashboard, enables the workplace to more deeply engage with employees, and offers data-based insights to help understand employees’ ever-changing needs in the office space.

Office furniture will be connected to the Live OS app and dashboard with sensors connected to the cloud – enabling the furniture to actually ‘sense’ employees. If an employee switches workstations, for example, preferences for things like desk height can instantly be recalled, transforming the station.

Employees should frequently monitor the app, which will encourage walking or standing after prolonged idle periods. It can also measure posture, and if it’s not good enough, it will tell employees to improve.

"With the data insights captured through Live OS, organizations can better measure and manage workplace strategy to optimize real estate usage and improve employee experience," said Ryan Anderson, director of commercialization for Live OS. "Our initial testing indicates that employees using Live sit-to-stand desks have become more active, transitioning between sitting and standing six-times as often as previously recorded. We're excited by these early results as we seek to improve comfort and encourage people to adopt healthier behaviors in the workplace."

Live OS was created by renowned designer Yves Behar, whom Herman Miller has worked with before on products like the LED Leaf lamp and Sayl desk chair.

The Live OS system is initially available in the North American market as part of a suite of services within Herman Miller's Living Office.  Find out more here.

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