AUSTRALIA - Zev Bianchi's BCompact bamboo composite plywood staircases easily fold away when desired.
Bianchi says he came up with the idea for the staircases after living in New York City. High-priced and confined living conditions made him desperate for more space.
"Living in high priced and confined conditions was where I developed my passion, partly out of necessity, to design furniture and products to help create the best living environment in the least space," Bianchi writes on his website.
BCompact stairs are made to order and specifically fitted to individual locations. The website says lead times are 6-8 weeks depending on design and installation requirements. 
The company says it takes a little handiwork for customers to be able to install on their own, and that professionals installers are recommended. The stairs can support up to 385 pounds.
Bianchi also designed similarly-foldable leather and bamboo chair, as well as a foldable bamboo ladder. 

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