Lamar, MO - Associative contour parametric engineering for complex “one off” engineering is now available within woodCAD|CAM, says Roger Shaw & Associates, wood industry software applications specialist and developer.

It allows users to draw an outline of the geometry of any “One Off” item, and with woodCAD|CAM, turn this into an assembly of machined parts. All critical wood machining, hardware, finishes, etc., are recalled from the SQL database, says Roger Shaw.

Users can then go back to the original contour and make changes in the outline, then apply those changes to the finished product. This breakthrough technology has never been achieved in the past, says Roger Shaw. Engineers can now quickly alter special customization. This allows what would have been a two-hour job to be completed in seconds, the company says.

The wood manufacturing industry is using woodCAD|CAM particularly for the parametric design of cabinets, according to a description at technology manufacturer Homag. It is especially suited to manufacturers with a high variety or custom-made products - batch One or One-Off production - to simplify their processes.

"The industry treasures the direct generation of part lists and CNC programs; the system allows an easy transfer of design data and part lists into further systems," Homag says. "As result, woodCAD|CAM becomes a data provider for ERP systems and manufacturing control systems."

woodCAD|CAM itself has numerous functions for transferring structured geometry and manufacturing data to manufacturing plants and machining centers. Further functionalities are specific administrative tools, which allow the generation of production batches. "HOMAG Group software modules like woodWOP, woodNest or CutRite for cut optimization are seamlessly integrated."

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