Whether vertical or horizontal configurations, CNC routers and machining centers are fast becoming a necessary workhorse in wood shops of all sizes. In addition to the companies listed below, also check out the suppliers of CNC routers and machining centers listed on RedBookOnline.com.

C.R. Onsrud’sNo Sweat Nesting is a fully automated, nested-based manufacturing solution available on Mate, Tech, or Panel Pro series CNC routers. It begins with Onsrud’s fully automated material infeed system. The operator presses the ready button and the system loads the CNC router’s vacuum table and begins the machine cycle. An Auto Pre-Labeling System is also available. (800) 638-8185, CROnsrud.com

Thermwood says its Cut Center takes a different approach than traditional nested-based CNC routers. Instead of the programmer generating CNC programs that tell the machine how to move, it already knows how to move and how to make products. Cut Centers can make cabinets, furniture, closets, doors, drawers, moldings and shapes, and come completely set up, fully tooled and ready to run. (800) 533-6901, Thermwood.com

Biesse’s Klever CNC router offers a solution to increased production for small to medium size shops. The Klever features a monolithic steel bridge frame that offers rigidity, reliability and accuracy, says Biesse. The PC-based CNC machine also has an X-axis with dual helical rack and pinion and double Yaskawa drives and a Y-axis driven by helical rack and pinion technology. (877) 8-BIESSE, BiesseAmerica.com

Holz-Her’s Evolution CNC vertical machining center features a patent-pending vacuum-based clamping system equipped with software-controlled, fully automatic suction cup positioning with hole recognition, allowing workpieces to be machined on all four sides without re-clamping. The standard drilling head is equipped with nine vertical and six horizontal drills and a grooving saw, while an optional XL-drilling head has up to 22 drilling spindles and a grooving saw. (704) 587-3400, HolzHer.com

Stiles Machinery’s Weeke BHX 055 HSK machining center incorporates five additional vertical drilling spindles to the standard machine configuration. Its automatic tool changing feature on the router motor allows for multiple router diameters or left/right tool rotations for increased quality and flexibility. The BHX Series also offers full-scale functionality — including routing, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, and groove sawing — with zero setup, and it sits on less than 50 square feet of floor space. (616) 698-7500, StilesMachinery.com

AXYZ International says its range of CNC routers meet the needs of any woodworking operation. The routers can be used to produce a variety of products, including cabinet parts, furniture frames, decorative carvings, 3D reliefs and more. They are capable of processing large volume sheets, quickly and efficiently, with a variety of options available including multiple heads and automatic tool changers. (800) 361-3408, AXYZ.com

Scm Group offers Pratix Z5 CNC machining centers with the capabilities to size nested panels and bore/route already-sized panels for an alternate work process. Features include the patented “photobumpers” safety solution for operator convenience and flexibility as well as the NetLine process which manages the design, programming and all machining phases: sizing, edgebanding and boring/routing. It has a panel clearance of 1,550mm. (800) 292-1850, ScmGroupNA.com

Felder’s FORMAT-4 Profit H08 machining center allows for nesting applications in small spaces. It features a portal design with a gantry drive for low maintenance, and a matrix table with optimized grid geometry for easy nesting, the Format-4 Woodflash Control for simple programming, and an automatic measuring system of the tool length. Two table working sizes are available. (866) 792-5288, FelderGroupUSA.com

MultiCam’s 8000 Series Five-Axis router offers a range of capabilities, including a 12-position automatic tool changer, automatic tool calibration, Ram-Z-Axis assembly and more. Other features include an easy-to-use OSAI 5-axis control package for multitasking and a touchscreen interface that is compatible with AlphaCam and other PC based CAD/CAM software. Applications include cabinetry, 3D carving, signs, musical instruments, acrylic fabrication and thermoformed trimming. (972) 929-4070, MultiCam.com

Komo says its XL Series is powered by advanced CNC servo technology with the latest control innovations; designed by Fanuc and implemented by Komo. A moving table CNC router, the XL also features a 15-pocket tool changer carousel, with options including liquid cooled spindles, boring blocks, C-axis, mist coolant and material handling systems. (800) 255-5670, Komo.com

Laguna’s CNC Plasma router features a one-piece welded tubular steel frame that is heat-treated and stress-relieved. Precision-ground ball screws, helical racks and industrial linear guides ensure accuracy, repeatability and finished edges, Laguna says. Operational simplicity and advanced machine controls are achieved through an industrial control provided by B&R Automation. (800) 234-1976, LagunaTools.com

Freedom Machine Tool, a division of Diversified Machine Systems, offers the FMT Patriot 5-foot x 10-foot 3-axis CNC router with a moving gantry design. Features include a full Fagor 8037 industrial CNC control, amplifier, and servo drive package, absolute encoders on the brushless AC servo motors, a large bridge package, 8-position tool rack, and a redesigned dust hood. (888) 436-8768, FreedomCNC.com

IMA America offers the BIMA 400/E/R CNC processing center with an integrated C-axis for flexibility in processing small-batch sizes as well as batch-one furniture components and components for interior fittings. The machine is equipped with an 18-fold tool changing device, 5-axis milling spindle and an end trimming and corner rounding unit. The VT 45 gluing unit on the 400E allows for the gluing of edge materials 0.3mm-3mm thick. (919) 256-0350, IMAAmerica.com 

Anderson America’s lineup of CNC routers includes the Stratos Series 3-axis machining centers with moving gantry. They come in a variety of formats and sizes, with an optional C-axis available. Workpiece holding is by optional clamping, grid or manifold vacuum systems and the STRATOS utilizes an industry-standard G-code for control functions for interfacing with all major CAD/CAM software. (704) 522-1823, AndersonAmerica.com 

Casadei Busellato’s Busellato JET Master CNC machining center is ideal for any size millwork shop with extreme-duty applications. It is available in 4- or 5-foot width and 10-, 15- or 20-foot length working fields, with hundreds of configuration possibilities including various drill heads, multiple electrospindles and an innovative IMC pod and rail system. It has the ability to manage up to 46 tools in multiple tool changers. (336) 854-1211, Casadei-Busellato.com

ShopBot’s PRSalpha CNC router delivers rapid transit speeds of 1,800 ipm and cutting speeds of up to 600 ipm. It features closed-loop Vexta alphaStep motors fitted with low backlash, tapered-hob gear heads on all three axes (two on the X axis), step resolution of 0.0004 inch and positional accuracy of ±0.002 inch. Available cutting areas range from 48-inch x 48-inch up to 144-inch x 60 inch. (919) 680-4800, ShopBotTools.com 

SNX offers the 510 CNC router with a 5-foot x 10-foot steel worktable and a matrix high-flow phenolic surface with four 1-inch diameter reference pins with sensors. Full table coverage is offered with both the main 12-HP router spindle and the standard 6-spindle, 32mm on-centers drill bank. The machine also features both an 8-position static tool changer and an automatic tool touch-off station. (320) 217-9044, SNXTechnologies.com

Techno Inc. offers turnkey 4-foot x 8-foot and 5-foot x 10-foot woodworking and cabinet nesting systems. The HD Series features precision THK rails and bearings, precision rack-n-pinion drives on the X- and Y-axes, and a ball screw driven Z-axis. Other features include: 4-hp HSD collet spindle, brushless stepper drive motors, fully programmable speeds up to 18,000 RPM and a 4-zone vacuum table. (516) 328-3970, TechnoCNC.com

Solid Wood Systems’ MZ Pluris patented multi-axis machining center is equipped with a bandsaw system and a 3-axis high speed electro-spindle for routing. It is designed with perfect interpolation for the three machining functions and is suitable for sawing, drilling and shaping chipboard, plywood MDF, solid wood, laminated panels and more, says Solid Wood Systems. (336) 884-0700, SolidWoodSystems.com 

General CNC says its iRouter Ultimate Series is an entry level option for shops interested in automating. Standard features include the APE CNC roller hold-down system which uses two pneumatic cylinders, and Quick Tool Change, an alternative to automatic tool change. ArtCAM Express software offers CAD functionality, plus the ability to convert standard raster graphics into machining toolpath. Also included is the Nesting Module for more production oriented applications. (888) 801-0006, GeneralCNC.ca

Hendrick’s NXT CNC 3-axis router features a 16-hp HSD 63F spindle and mounted rotary tool changer, OSAI open control, Becker vacuum pump, closed-loop AC servo system, programmable pop-up locator pins and a moving gantry design. Standard table sizes are 4-foot x 8-foot and 5-foot x 10-foot, with custom sizes available. Hendrick also offers 4-axis and 5-axis machines. (978) 741-3600, HendrickManufacturing.com

Oliver Machinery offers the IntelliCarve 1013 CNC system for decorative carving, signmaking or other projects. It has a 13-inch X axis travel, 18-inch Y axis and 3-inch Z axis travel. Spindle speed is 14,000 rpm and it has a position accuracy of 0.004/0.004/0.0004 inch. (800) 559-5064, OliverMachinery.net

Northwood 3-Axis TA machining centers have flexible tooling configurations for custom cabinet shops or high-volume production shops. The machines have automatic tool changers that range from 8 positions up to 20 positions, and can be mounted to the spindle tooling plate; multiple tooling plates are available for dual-processing. Options include vacuum matrix tables, fully programmable C-axis for a variety of aggregates, and automatic material unload material handling. (502) 267-5504, NorthwoodMachine.com

Accu-Router manufactures custom high-performance CNC routers for a variety of industries, including: upholstered furniture, mouldings, boating, aerospace and automotive. The company also builds its own spindles in-house. (931) 668-7127, Accu-Router.com

CMS offers the AVANT CNC router with moving bridge for the machining of large-sized workpieces. The series comes in four different width sizes and seven mobile bridge sizes. The AVANT flow-through version is specifically designed for nested panel processing, with the special belt making it possible to covey a full panel through the machine, perform an end and side alignment, and activate vacuum under the panel, allowing for individual zones to be turned on according to standard panel sizes. (800) 931-6083, CMSNA.com

Diversified Machine Systems offers the DMS D3 3-axis CNC router with added structural enhancements for increased rigidity and stability. With the option of a traveling carousel for increased tool capacity, the system is capable of machining pass-through parts and offers nesting capabilities. It also has a retractable dust hood, protective covered tool carousel and integrated hard bellow designs. Optional features include 3-12 HP spindles, an automatic lubrication system, and an 8- or 12-position automatic tool changer. (866) 255-2947, DMSCNCRouters.com

CNT’s 1000 Series is a full-sized, servo-powered, high-performance machine designed for heavier applications including nested-based fabrication of plastics, hardwoods, solid surface and non-ferrous metals. It features a full-sized 60-inch x 120-inch all-side-loading machining area; rapid traverse of 2,200 ipm; WinCNC motion control software and cabinet; and a full-perimeter E-stop. (412) 244-5770, CNTMotion.com

Rockler’s limited 60th Anniversary Edition CNC Shark features a new gantry reinforced with plate aluminum and an interlocking table that is heavier than prior models for more accuracy and less flex, plus a new version of the Virtual Zero software which "maps" the surface of the table or workpiece for use as a reference point. (800) 279-4441, Rockler.com


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