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Touchscreen controlled automated stop

SawGear Touch from TigerStop is a feature rich touchscreen-controlled automated stop that attaches to existing saws. SawGear Touch offers repeatable accuracy of +/- .008” and eliminates the need to rely on tape measures and manual fences. It includes Downloading Software, Optimization Software, and Crown+MiterPro Software.

Features, include:

  • New Touch Screen Control
  • Cut List Downloading Software
  • Dynamic Optimization Software
  • Crown+ MiterPro Software for Crown Molding, Trim, Panelling, and Baseboard
  • Framing Software and Rabbet Compensation for Window & Door Manufacturers and Picture Framers
  • Single Miter Compensation Software
  • *Label Printing Upgrade for an Additional Charge
  • Easy Upgrade Path: Swap Out Your SawGear Power Head for the new SawGear Touch
  • Rabbet Compensation Software
  • Single Miter Compensation Software
  • PypeServer Lyte Compatability
  • Increment Button
  • Toggle Between Metric and Imperial Measurements
  • Convert Between Fraction and Decimals
  • Adapt to Upcut Saws, Cold Saws, Chop Saws, and More!
  • Works in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German