Solid Wood Machining

Nested-based CNC router

Biesse’s Rover K is a CNC nested-based cell designed for small to large manufacturers who need to automate their production process as well as companies that specialize in custom-made products. The company says the Rover K is a versatile machine with a flexible worktable that can quickly pass from solid wood manufacturing to panel processing. It can be used for manufacturing doors, architectural millwork and panel processing.

Sliding table saws

In 2006 Martin presented the first sliding table saw worldwide with a saw blade that could be tilted to both sides. In March 2010, the company says it set new industry standards in terms of performance and flexibility with the T75 PreX. Today Martin has more than 1,700 machines with 2x46° technology have been sold.

Automatic dovetail machine

Available from Macoser, the Omec F11TS can produce 80 boxes/hour and has a 30" drawer height capacity. It.automatically adjusts the dovetail size to fit the drawer height, with no tool or cam changing necessary – it is all by touchscreen. The global tool change adjusts for sharpened or replaced bits. The machine is capable of producing English, French, square through, offset dovetails/ curved or corner drawers, and hardware notching.

Horizontal drill, glue and dowel insertion

Biesse says its Elix Series horizontal drill, glue and dowel insertion machine features advanced technologies that make sure glue and dowels are properly inserted. The numerical control is the same PC-driven technology used on the Rover line. Elix is a key machine for efficient cabinet manufacturing cells, the company adds, with a variety of sizes and options available to suit specific customer needs.

Router with rotary indexer

ShopBot Tools has expanded the capability of the 96’x48’ ShopBot PRSalpha ATC with the addition of a 6" rotary indexer. The company says the combination of the rotary indexer with the full-size PRSalpha ATC opens up more possibilities for 3D carving while still allowing space to cut full 4’x8’ sheets of plywood. ShopBot’s PRSalpha ATC tools are available in standard sizes, as well as larger and customizable configurations.

CNC beyond entry level

Laguna Tools says its SmartShop SUV CNC machine delivers outstanding performance and production output for those shops needing more throughput than entry level machines provide. With a class-leading frame design, servos, and a control system from B&R automation, the Laguna SUV CNC machine is designed for shops looking to drive business to the next level and beyond.

Dovetail machine

The Omec 750CN Dovetail Machine from Macoser allows you to do any height drawer up to 20.86” and the CNC will calculate the dovetail size to give a flush drawer edge.  It offers pendulum loading for speed, doing up to 60 drawers per hour. Variable travel speed and scoring handle different species or plywood. Ball screw and linear bearings offer minimal maintenance. You control joint tightness, depth, first joint location and how many joints and the CNC does the math.

Double-end tenoner for batch one processing

MB Machinery's new ROBA Fusion double-end tenoner meets the requirements for batch-one production, The compact machine can mill and sand both the right and left side of the workpiece in one pass, while the parts being machined have random dimensions. The ROBA Fusion is equipped with a laser-based raw part width measurement, servo high-speed adjustment of the unit carriers, HSK63 spindles, two 12-places tool changers, and automated part return.

Pocket cutter with new screw delivery system

Castle USA says it has updated its CSI 1.5D Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter to include a new proprietary Screw Delivery System (SDS). All of the new SDS components have been specifically redesigned to accommodate applications for cabinet and furniture manufacturing. Features now include: redesigned vibratory bowl and escapement rails, simplified sensor system, screw orientators for minimizing jams, new air gate configuration, and new screw feeder tubes.

Hardwood lumber

The demand for more sustainable products is materializing as a desire for authenticity in the homes we live in and the properties we develop. Available from Bingaman & Son Lumber, the use of hardwood in homes, commercial properties, and building products gives consumers the authenticity they are seeking, without even having to try.