Plant Production

Flow track system for drying

Green-Fast-Cure says its Easy Flow System creates customized pathways within your facility's floor plan to reduce handling products that are ready for the drying process. The Easy Flow System’s chain loops itself, which provides maximum flexibility and seamlessly fits into your existing flow, the company says. It can create flexible paths with a standard 60-inch curving radius or straight runs.

Enhanced clean air solutions

Dynabrade offers an enhanced line of Raptor Vac portable vacuum systems and downdraft tables. Designed to aggressively capture dust and debris for a cleaner, safer workplace, these vacuums can be used in a wide variety of industries, including woodworking, fiberglass fabrication, machine shops, and auto body work. 

SmartPART tracks parts

TradeSoft, Inc. is currently beta testing a new product called SmartPART.  Available for general release Oct. 1, 2021, SmartPART is a comprehensive system for kitting parts, assembling sub-assemblies and products, tracking part and product status, staging products and loose shipping items for shipment, and tracking damaged parts. The first release works with Microvellum and CabinetVision part data.

Software processes CAD assemblies

New computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology released by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division fast-tracks the preparation of cabinet and furniture assemblies for production by automatically processing designs to shorten programs and streamline programming tasks. The ability to automatically process computer-aided design (CAD) assemblies increases competitiveness by reducing the time required to generate quotations and transition from planning to production.

Intelligent spark detector

Fagus GreCon says its new DLD 1/9 spark detector with intelligent detection technology (IDT) not only identifies hazardous moving ignition sources before a fire breaks out but can also differentiate between dangerous sparks or harmless incidence of extraneous light due to leaky/damaged pipes or an opening of an inspection flap.

3D duct design tool

Nordfab says its Quick-Fit Visual is a complimentary, easy-to-use online tool for designing ductwork installations. QFV provides automatic calculation of duct sizing and system requirements. The company says users can output a quotation and visual 3D plan, source and procure all components needed for the installation and obtain the information needed to execute the installation. Users can also output a .dwg drawing for use with CAD tools.

Project management software

2020's Office software allows manufacturers to manage all their projects in one spot. Companies can design and space plan, specify and organize, and visualize products in 3D.

Product catalogs

2020 allows manufacturers to showcase their products on its catalogs. Thousands of designers can be notified about your products through the software. 

Mobile collector with higher suction

Oneida Air Systems says the patented Supercell Mobile is the first and only mobile dust collector on the market with high enough levels of static pressure and CFM to accommodate the widest range of woodworking tools, from handheld sanders, table saws, and miter saws, to jointers, planers, and even CNC routers — essentially every tool in the shop with a dust port size of 1 to 5”. The Supercell is a cyclonic dust collector with a 97.8” static pressure rating — over 10 times higher suction power than standard dust collectors.

Compact cyclone with wall-mounted bag

Oneida Air Systems’ newest edition to the Dust Deputy cyclone family—the Dust Deputy Bagger—combines the patented Dust Deputy cyclone separator with an innovative wall mounted bagging system that turns any wet/dry vacuum into a high-capacity, two-stage dust collection system. Made in the USA and patent pending, the Dust Deputy Bagger includes a clear, anti-static Dust Deputy cyclone separator, powder-coated steel wall bracket, hardware, 3.9-gallon accumulation bin, (5) clear plastic 25-gallon bags, powder-coated steel grid, two silicone rubber bands, two hose elbow adapters, and six feet of hose.