Plant Production

Robots for woodworking applications

Robotic Solutions specializes in the integration of various robotic applications for the woodworking industry. These include: machine tending, sanding, spraying paint, clear coatings and adhesive application. Other operations including heavy lifting, part flipping, or tasks considered a safety risk make perfect sense for robotics. CMA spray robots with 3D scanning technology and Kuka industrial robots are among the products available from the company.

3D space planning platform

2020 Ideal Spaces is a cloud-based 3D space planning solution that provides an industry platform enabling omnichannel retail for consumers, home centers, retailers, and manufacturers. improves the consumer onboarding experience through every step of the buying journey, from inspiration to qualification to space planning to purchasing—resulting in higher qualified leads and conversions. 

Design live software program

2020 Design Live (available in North America) has all the features and rich functionality available in 2020 Design but also provides you with configurable cloud content for cabinets, appliances, and more that’s up to date, accurate and faster to design with, says 2020.

Low-decibel air compressors

The Quiet Series air compressors from Grizzly are low-decibel, low maintenance machines ideal for the garage of jobsite for running nail guns, blowing dust off projects, and airing up tires. Three models - the T32335, the T32336, and the T32337 - vary by size and power.

Desiccant dryers

Kaeser's DC-HF series of compact desiccant dryers are made for point of use or other low flow applications from 7 to 40 scfm and pressures from 58 to 218 psig.. These heatless, twin tower regenerating dryers are ideal for sensitive applications that require pressure dew points from -40°F to -94°F, says Kaeser.

Ceiling filtration system

General Tools' Ceiling Filtration System includes many of the same features its the floor model, which include a disposable electrostatic outer filter that attracts more dust particles than standard filters, an inner

Floor air filtration system

General Tools' Air Filtration System filters out particles as small as 1-micron in size using the company's SMART infrared dust sensor control system. The system features two running modes, a display screen, triple filtration combined with electrostatic absorption, a unique cylindrical shape, and optional carbon and HEPA filtration layers. It's also easily transportable, says the company.

Cyclone dust collector

The V-System is ideal for use in small 1-2 man shops operating tools such as lathes, planers, radial/miter saws, says manufacturer Oneida. The V-System features 35 or 55 gallon dust bin, HEPA-certified filter, and a highly-efficient cyclone.

Portable dust collector

Designed for smaller workshops where the collector is moved from tool to tool, Oneida's Mini-Gorilla is compact, lightweight, and highly mobile for easy movement around the shop. The dust collector features 22-gallon dust bit, a U.S.-made fan motor, and a highly-efficient cyclone, says the company.

Automatic pallet load leveler

The PalletPal Walkie from Southworth Products is an automatic pallet load leveler that mounts on to any standard electric walkie or walkie/rider pallet truck to make order picking faster, safer and easier, says the company. The PalletPal Walkie uses a calibrated spring mechanism to automatically adjust the height of a pallet load as boxes are added or removed. No tools are needed to mount.