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Dust collector for challenging dusts

The Donaldson Dalamatic G2 Smart Collector from Donaldson Company Inc. works with materials that create sticky or agglomerative dust. The dust collector comes with Dura-Life bag filters that have an envelope shape allows for greater bag movement to dislodge challenging dust cakes and helps provide twice the life of a standard 16 oz. polyester bag, the company says.

According to the company, the system’s radial seal filter design and fixed cages can help reduce the time for filter changeouts by up to 75% compared to earlier designs. The filters also reportedly contribute to improved pulse cleaning, which results in extended bag life, less maintenance and energy savings.

The Dalamatic G2 Smart Collector is also integrated with Donaldson’s iCue Connected Filtration Technology, which tracks collector performance to deliver real-time analytics to help maximize uptime, increase maintenance efficiency, and manage critical compliance data.