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3D Live Map for visibility into production sites & processes

The 3D Live Map from Plataine offers visibility into production sites & processes. Live Map is set up to improve the way manufacturing facilities manage their operations. According to the company, manufacturers report on visibility challenges in the factory – with the expansive layout of the factory floor, it was often difficult to keep track of assets, monitor production progress, and respond quickly to unexpected issues on the factory floor.

Plataine’s Live Map solution represents a significant advancement in Plataine’s commitment to empowering manufacturers with cutting-edge technologies. This innovative feature enables users to gain a comprehensive understanding of production status, materials, part and tool locations and status, enhancing collaboration, operational efficiency, and facilitating informed decision-making processes in real time.

Plataine’s Live Map offers an accessible search function, enabling easy asset, material, and equipment location, within the facility and receiving location-based alerts and notifications, allowing proactive management of production processes, and ensuring timely interventions. It also increases user engagement with the platform, due to an intuitive and user-friendly interface which offers ease of use for all stakeholders. The Map is integrated with Plataine’s factory Digital Twin, providing a holistic view of the production environment. With a live map of the factory, operators can get a real-time visualization of factory operations, offering immediate insights into production status and resource utilization. Now operators can effortlessly track and manage assets within the production site, optimizing resource allocation and minimizing downtime.

The customizable view allows each user to tailor the map to their specific needs, ensuring a personalized experience.