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Oil-free performance rotary screw compressor

The CSG series of redesigned oil-free rotary screw compressors from Kaeser Compressors boasts up to 16% more flow and as much as a 19% improvement in specific performance over the previous models, with a maximum operating pressure increased to 160 psig. 

The company said that the CSG series is available in five, fixed-speed models from 50 to 125 hp delivering flows from 184 to 563 cfm, and four frequency-controlled (SFC) models with flows from 142 to 584 cfm. SFC models leverage the advantages of synchronous reluctance motors with class IE5 efficiency to ensure the highest levels of energy efficiency. On both fixed and variable speed units, a speed-controlled radial fan working with the Sigma Control 2 regulates the fan speed, controlling the cooling airflow for additional energy savings.

The CSG series represents the latest generation of oil-free technology, combining Kaeser’s industry-leading Sigma Profile rotor design with a new non-wearing coating that meets ISO 22000 requirements for superior peace of mind in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, laboratories, and other applications requiring oil-free air.