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5-axis CNC router for staircases
August 17, 2020 | 1:56 pm CDT

Available from JKL Machinery, the Casadei-Busellato Master T CNC router for stairs, Stair Master T, comes standard with Compass software, specifically for designing and manufacturing curved and straight staircase parts. The software works with the Master T Genesis software to give the operator unlimited possibilities.  The 5-axis Stair Master T is also available with up to 52 tool positions and a 24-hp electrospindle. It is offered with a manual or fully automatic pod and rail positioning system.


About JKL Machinery

JKL Machinery was founded in 2008 as an exclusive provider of machine and service solutions for the woodworking industry in the mid-west.  Since then JKL has go on to become the exclusive importers for Casadei Busellato and Vitap machines.  JKL Machinery has a network of dealers and technicians nationwide to support customers across the country.  Our goal is not to be the biggest machinery importer in the country but to be the best importer by catering to our customers needs and doing so with superior service.