5-axis CNC router for staircases
August 17, 2020 | 1:56 pm CDT

Available from Casadei Busellato, the Master T CNC router for stairs, Stair Master T, comes standard with Compass software, specifically for designing and manufacturing curved and straight staircase parts. The software works with the Master T Genesis software to give the operator unlimited possibilities.  The 5-axis Stair Master T is also available with up to 52 tool positions and a 24-hp electrospindle. It is offered with a manual or fully automatic pod and rail positioning system.


About Casadei-Busellato North America

Casadei Macchine was founded in 1945 when we created the first combination machine.  This machine known as "L'Artigiana" was wildly successful and launched Casadei into a market leadership position.  That heritage can be found to this day in every machine we make.

Since 1956, Busellato has set the standard for woodworking machinery.  From the first 5 axis machining system in 1967 to the first CNC machine center in 1976, Busellato has proven to be the industry leader.

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