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Sliding table panel saw with safety device

The Felder Group USA sliding table panel saw model  K 945 S is available with Felderʼs Preventative Contact System (PCS). The PCS is a non-contact triggering safety device that the company says prevents accidents at the speed of light.

The Preventive Contact System recognizes human tissue in the danger zone and triggers before contact with the saw blade. Sliding table panel saws with the PCS safety retraction is ready for use again at the touch of a button and require no additional maintenance or cleaning cycles.

The massive saw aggregate with 67/64" (155mm) cutting height sets new standards for all those who place tremendous demands on “their” new sliding table saw. Felder system solutions, such as the “X-Roll” sliding table and the tilting segment guide “Easy-Glide,” ensure reliability.

Other features include a cutting length of 2050–3700 mm; X-Roll sliding table with a 10-year guarantee; rip capacity of 800–1500 mm; cutting height of 6" (155mm), and "Power Drive" Control (option).