March 12, 2021 | 4:08 pm CST

Wood-Cutters Tooling Inc. offers a wide range of cutterheads, providing high precision on combined machines, spindle moulders, and planers, and for use with interchangeable knives and chip limiters. The company says it can help woodworkers get the right shaper cutter for whatever profile they need.


About Wood-Cutters Tooling Inc.

Wood-Cutters Tooling manufactures and distributes high-quality cutting tools to machine wood, plastics, metal, and composite materials. Our products include: Router Bits, Carbide Tipped & Insert tools, Saw blades, Drilling & Boring Bits, Moulder Knives & Cutterheads, Diamond Tooling. We also offer a wide range of measuring instruments to verify & confirm part dimensions including: length, width, hole location, panel squareness, and also instruments that verify tool length & diameter for CNC Machining operations. Our service and sharpening capabilities cover HSS, Carbide Tipped, and Diamond Tooling. We can repair and/or sharpen most any tool from any manufacturer.