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Workforce development 

Stiles University is the only IACET-accredited training program in the woodworking manufacturing industry. With a dedicated training team of 11 teachers, Stiles University offers regularly scheduled machine maintenance, operation, and programming classes at Stiles’ five regional locations. Stiles University also provides customized learning opportunities tailored to customer needs, as well as a curriculum of more than 18 self-paced courses available on Stiles University Online. 

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Tool maintenance platform

HSD says its new MyHSD platform helps reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Using a standard wifi network, MyHSD allows for 24/7 viewing of information and data in real-time to optimize the performance and productivity of the devices. The collected data can be used to analyze how the electrospindles are working, improve the processes and optimize maintenance through timely notifications and guided troubleshooting procedures.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Electrospindles & aggregates

HSD designs and produces electrospindles with automatic and manual tool change, C axes, bi-rotary heads, boring heads, multifunction units and aggregates. The company says it has more than 30 years of knowledge and technical skills to produce tooling components for machining wood, metals, alloys, and composite materials.

IWF Products

Diamond finger joint cutter

The Endurance Diamond Finger Joint Cutter Tool from Peak Toolworks cut through all types of solid wood materials, including wood with knots and defects. It can be used for softwood, hardwoods, structural, and non-structural work. The PCD tool does not wear out when cutting solid wood. The ability to jump from a HSS tool to a PCD tool is a great benefit in terms of profitability due to fewer tool changes.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

CNC starter packs has optimized the decision of tools required for a CNC machine into simple starter kits. CNC Starter Kits for ER32, ER 40 and SYOZ25 are designed for the woodworking industry but are evolving to include options for the stone, plastic, aluminum, and metal industries. Custom starter kits are also available.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Multiple aggregate tooling save tool changer space

Whether milling, drilling, counterboring, threading, or reaming materials or composites, Benz angle heads offer a variety of options from dowel hole drilling to rows of holes in acoustic boards. Drilling aggregates are a staple of the Benz Tooling product lineup. From standard units such as the Duo double-sided angle head or the Quattro four-sided angle head shown here, multi-spindle aggregates maximize productivity while saving space in a tool changer with the ability to complete complex drilling patterns in a single machining step, the company says.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Multi profile tooling for automated equipment  

Royce Ayr offers multi-profile tooling solutions for machining profiles on automated equipment. Available in CNC router, shaper tooling, and molder tooling. Multi-profile tools allow various profiles to be used on a single cutter body. Provides quality and accuracy of a dedicated insert tool, with the advantage of quicker lead times for new profiles. Provides flexibility for companies that frequently need to machine new profiles. 

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Cutting tool solutions

Dinosaw manufactures and services a full range of cutting tools for the Wood, Plastic and Metal Industries. Some of those tools include Saw Blades, PCD tooling, Insert tooling, Solid carbide router bits and custom HSS profile knives. With a sales force covering the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, personal service with regular pick up and delivery saves you time and money. For those outside of their regular service areas, Dinosaw partners with UPS and FEDEX to provide services anywhere in the world.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Cutter heads feature quick-change system

Cutterheads from H3D Tooling features a quick-change knife system that the company says allows knives to be changed radically, in minutes, for minimum downtime. The new proprietary carbide knife with 30%-100% longer run times. In addition to hundreds of standard items in-stock and ready for immediate shipment from our facility in Connelly Springs, NC, we also offer custom tooling design and manufacturing services.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Finger joint cutter tool switches between HSS and PCD tools

The Endurance Diamond fingerjoint cutter tool from Peak Toolworks is strong enough to cut through all types of solid wood materials, including wood with knots and defects, the company says. It can be used for softwood, hardwoods, structural and non-structural work. The PCD tool does not wear out when cutting solid wood. The ability to jump from a HSS tool to a PCD tool is a great benefit in terms of profitability due to fewer tool changes, the company says. Reduced and simplified maintenance of the E.D.F.J. system also saves on labor costs.