Cutting Tools and Grinders

Diamond tooling

Wood-Cutters Tooling now offers a wide range of diamond cutting tools for wood, plastics, and metal. The company says the benefits of diamond tooling continue to positively impact abrasive industrial cutting applications, including reduced machine downtime, high resistance to wear resulting in far longer run time, excellent quality of finish and lower cost per cut. Applications include routing, sawing, cutting, profiling, in addition to polishing in acrylics and hard plastics.

Chip & dust extraction nut

Available from Wood-Cutters Tooling, the Tornado dust & chip extraction nut from Sistemi Klein helps remove both fine dust and rough material during nesting and conventional CNC routing operations. The company says users routing with upshear or upcut-style bits have experienced a 90% improvement in dust removal. The Tornado is available for use with ER25 – ER32 – ER40 – EOC25 style collet holders.

Saw safety system

Felder Group's new PCS (Preventative Contact System) is a saw safety technology for industrial saws to keep operators safe. Movement detected within a certain threshold triggers a safety mechanism that quickly lowers the sawblade below the saw table before the blade touches any flesh.

CNC drilling & routing tools

Wood-Cutters Tooling offers a full range of drilling and routing tools for most any CNC machining center or router. Products include dowel drills, thru-hole drills, boring bits, spiral router bits, and made-to-order profile router tools. The company can provide carbide tipped, carbide insert, or PCD tools, depending on your application. Whether tooling up a new machine or replacing worn-out tooling, Wood-Cutters Tooling says its high-quality, accurate products can improve your production capabilities.

CNC holders & spring collets

Wood-Cutters Tooling offers a full range of HSK63F, & BT Series Tool Holders for almost any CNC machining center or router. They also offer spring collets in ER32, ER40, SYOC25 styles in inch or metric dimensions.

Made-to-order profile tools

Wood-Cutters Tooling offers a full range of made-to-order cutting tools for almost any application. Products include made-to-order profile router bits, shaper cutters, and moulding tools. The company can provide carbide tipped, carbide insert, or PCD tools, depending on your application.

Compression tooling for plywood & composites

Vortex Tool says its new Series 9600 and 9700 compression tooling utilizes an improved chipbreaker pattern that shortens the length of the chip; this helps reduce the pulling of the plys, yielding the cleanest cut possible. Ideal for plywood and combination core materials, this tool design is offered in two-flute, three-flute and mortise configurations to fit a wide variety of routing applications.


Wood-Cutters Tooling Inc. offers a wide range of HW knives for insert bits and cutterheads, reversible knives and planers knives made for cutting nearly any type of wooden material.

Edgebander tooling & accessories now offers edgebander tooling and accessories. Among the products supplied by the company are: pre-milling heads, roughing inserts, top and bottom trim inserts, glue scrape knives, grease, buffing wheels and trackpads. Adhesives, including EVA and PUR, are also available. CNC-Tool adds, "Maximizing production for your business is our business."


Wood-Cutters Tooling Inc. offers a wide range of cutterheads, providing high precision on combined machines, spindle moulders, and planers, and for use with interchangeable knives and chip limiters. The company says it can help woodworkers get the right shaper cutter for whatever profile they need.