Sharpening your tools: Marketing tips with Christian Smedberg

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The Woodworking Network Podcast with Will Sampson
March 25, 2021

Woodworkers often say they rely on “word of mouth for sales,” but they could benefit from more sophisticated marketing, especially in these tumultuous times. Will Sampson, editor of FDMC magazine and Woodworking Network, interviews Christian Smedberg, marketing specialist for Weinig USA, about ways to measure and improve marketing for woodworking manufacturers.

The Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge has become the premier competition for creative woodworking in the world. With thousands of dollars in prize money, the competition honors the best veneer woodworking in furniture, cabinets, architectural millwork, and specialty products. There are even categories for first-time entrants and student work. In the interest of promoting veneer as a beautiful, natural, and sustainable product, the competition also honors not only creators of fine work but also the distributors and sales people who supplied the veneer. The deadline for entries is June 1, so don’t delay.
Intro music courtesy of Anthony Monson.
Christian Smedberg
Marketing Manager, Weinig Holz-Her USA
Will Sampson
Editor, FDMC Magazine