OTTAWA, Ontario – The Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) presented Stan Pauls, owner and CEO of Décor Cabinets of Morden, Manitoba, with its 2020 HR Award of Distinction.

Pauls was lauded as a “visionary” for his tactical approach to the growing a successful company and as a “great leader” with a passion not only for craftsmanship, but most especially to the personal growth of his employees. One of Pauls’ mantras is for people who work at Décor to “go home happier and have a happier home.”

One of the most important ways Pauls has empowered employees is through the company’s lean and continuous improvement program. As a result, employees have come up with numerous changes, from the simple to the complex, that have helped propel Décor’s growth. In addition, Pauls and his team have been focused on investing in technology from being one of the first company’s in North America to install a laser edgebander to implementing a new ERP system.

The WMC established the annual awards program to promote the importance human resources plays in the wood products sector. It honors companies and individuals who have developed and implemented creative solutions and contribute to the best practices of the wood manufacturing industry.

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