Neponset Valley Construction launches new website
August 15, 2011 | 5:42 pm CDT
Norwood, MA -- Neponset Valley Construction is proud to unveil its new website. "This site is the culmination of a lot of hard work and we're excited to launch it at the beginning of the new year. Fresh year, Fresh Site. We've got big plans for 2011, "says owner Brian Kearney. The new website pulls together informative articles and helpful information that allows customers to learn about the materials, the process and the company. "It's not your standard builder's website that does nothing but 'advertise' how great the company is and stay static. I notice a lot of the competition's sites never change. They built them years ago and fail to update them. Our site is different. We are highlighting information that will help the consumer make informed decisions, not simply talking about what a great company we are. Our site will have fresh content, updated frequently so that it becomes a resource. In this age of instant information, consumers are savvy and want to be able to feel in control and informed when making decisions. This website does that and more," says Brian.

Brian knows he has been lucky over the past five years. "When many businesses have had a hard time due to the economy, we have been lucky to grow and have consistent business." Brian attributes this growth to both offering services at a fair price, always looking for ways to improve the services he offers, whether that means using superior products without passing along the increased cost to the clients or offering entirely new services, such as newly added Spray Foam roofing, and finally to a focused and effective marketing plan, which includes the overhaul of his website.

"Many companies use marketing services simply as a lead generation tool. While that is a component of our plan, something we do differently is use marketing as a way to inform and educate the public and our potential clients about our industry. I find that this type of marketing allows us to be known as the leader in the industry and from there, sales build," Brian says. While he knows that this type of marketing can take longer to cultivate, the impact is often long lasting and more impactful. He goes on to say, "listen, if someone sees an ad of mine, great, but if they see me on the news talking about the industry, it's even better for my business."

SOURCE: Neponset Valley Construction

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