Garage Flooring to Expand with True Lock Garage Floor Tile

Grand Junction, Colo. - Garage Flooring LLC announced today the introduction of True Lock Garage Floor Tiles to its website. The True Lock Garage Floor tile is a 12" x 12" interlocking modular tile that is designed specifically for the garage. It features a diamond tread appearance and will be introduced at $2.79/ Square Foot with free shipping.

True Lock garage floor tiles are Made in the U.S.A from 100% virgin raw materials. Constructed of a high impact co-polymer polypropylene, the tile is engineered to resist oil, gas, and most household or automotive fluids.

Garage Flooring to Expand with True Lock Garage Floor Tile The True Lock garage floor tile is designed differently than most other garage floor tiles on the market. While many brands of garage tiles feature 4 locks per side, True Lock garage tiles have 24 locks per tile. According to the manufacturer, the increased locks decrease the likelihood that the tile will separate under normal conditions.

"Garage Flooring LLC remains committed to bringing our customers the highest quality garage flooring products at the lowest prices. True Lock is just the latest example of how our buying power allows us to bring a quality product to the consumer at a lower delivered price --without sacrificing service. Greater selection and lower prices is not limited to the new True Lock line. We are in negotiations with other manufacturers to lower our existing prices while adding increased selection, " states Justin Krauss Co-Founder and President of Garage Flooring LLC.

According to the website, the True Lock modular tiles are not just for garages. They can be used for car shows, airplane hangars, basements, retail floors, trade show floors, game rooms as well as many commercial and industrial applications.

"Before a consumer orders a tile for their garage floor, they need to request two samples. We see far too many consumers spending hundreds, often even thousands of dollars on flooring without first seeing the product. Regardless of what tile the consumer ultimately uses, they should never order without seeing samples. That's why we offer two full sized samples free of charge," cautioned Krauss.

Source: Garage Flooring LLC



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