Excellent Results From SCM's Technology Days
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“Technology Days Edgebanding & more”, held at Scm Group's Stefani plant from 17th to 19th October, hit just the right note. An event in Thiene (Vicenza) with a definite “business” leaning, attended by over 300 important customers from 23 countries throughout the world but all interested in the latest edgebanding solutions, from the most simple and flexible machine to the really top performance line, and the Morbidelli machining centre with its effective edgebanding head.

A good sixteen different, fully operating solutions demonstrated the Group's ability to meet the needs of every operator and satisfy every type of job order. Sixteen solutions focusing on the real needs of a market constantly searching for improved flexibility, automation and cost reduction, where the absolute quality of the edgebanding is a fundamental pre-requisite.

The centre stage was taken up by the new “Solution HD B”, the electronic single-sided edgebanding machine that's truly universal (it can attach melamine-coated edges or edges in Abs, Pvc, Pmma and other materials in every possible finish, as well as pre-cut veneer strips and wooden strips) and highly productive, with feed speeds of up to 30 metres per minute.

A solution designed to offer the best performance with the minimum investment, guaranteeing reliability and the possibility to easily program any machining operation, thanks to an ultra-modern 3D interface with the user. Plus factors that make the new Stefani edgebanding machine powerful, safe, effective and extremely user-friendly, even for less experienced operators. And it's also economically advantageous!

Amongst the many technological features, the 2-motor panel rounding tool that produces a high-quality finish, and the belt presser that ensures accurate, vibration-free piece transportation.

All five configurations (a range that will satisfy any process requirement) are equipped with the "Sav€nergy system" that ensures energy savings of up to 9% and at least 20 kilometres of edgebanding saved per year, with a suction system that draws in over 98% of chips.


The event in Thiene confirmed Scm Group's vocation as a reference partner for large systems too. This was demonstrated by an extremely “powerful” edgebanding line: within roughly 40 metres, there are two 2-sided “Stefani “Evolution SBB laserline” edgebanding machines that guarantee absolute quality and optimum productivity, around 5,000 panels per shift. Structured to work easily 24 hours a day, the line is equipped with four laser systems that the customer chose for being the most powerful of all the Stefani solutions. The aim, in fact, was to guarantee the speed needed for the production cycles envisaged, but without compromising the quality in any way. A solution with no half-measures, and a system that is undoubtedly an example of world-class excellence.


Productivity, quality, cost reduction, but also attention to the design of the end products. The demand for furniture is based on a blend of elements that technology manages to unite without problems. Like the possibility to use effective edgebanding when you want to avoid adding extra technical components to the design.

More and more often, designers prefer surfaces without a continuous profile, without the addition of opening accessories; this means providing cabinet doors and drawers with the necessary ergonomic space for inserting a hand, or lateral profiles for easy use and opening.

This new design interpretation is becoming increasingly popular, and can nowadays be obtained via a less costly method compared, for example, with the application of rigid aluminium elements on the edges of the door or methods involving profiling and subsequent varnishing: the panel is merely milled to create a “J-shape”, then everything,­­ including the cavity, is edgebanded using a more up-to-date version of the traditional soft-forming technique. Whether it's a kitchen cupboard door, a drawer, or a big wardrobe door, the problem is solved thanks to the Stefani system.


Scm Group has introduced the “Slim-Line” system, the application of glue on the edge rather than on the panel. This means better distribution and an almost invisible layer of glue.

A solution that ensures exceptional aesthetic qualities with far less investment compared with laser technology, 50% glue savings, and excellent performance. In Thiene (Vicenza) Catas presented the results of the tests carried out on the doors edgebanded with Stefani's “Slim-Line” system: top class results leading to certification (test UNI 9240:1987 for adhesion and tearing; test DIN 68930 for heat/humidity climate cycle; test UNI 9242:1987 for edgebanding resistance to heat) with top marks.

Source: SCM Group

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