Cefla's Prima An Easy & Affordable Spray Machine
March 9, 2013 | 4:35 pm CST

Cefla's Prima An Easy & Affordable Spray MachineCHARLOTTE, NC -- PRIMA is a reciprocating spray system for water or solvent-based coatings which makes the decision to switch from manual application to automation an easy one. In addition to being the most cost-effective automated spray booth on the market, the enhanced product quality, consistency and additional savings in labor and coatings will help PRIMA pay for itself even more quickly.

PRIMA handles up to 7500 square feet of material per eight-hour shift, and panels up to 1300mm wide. The conveyor offers variable speeds from 1-3 meters/minute.

Quality output is assured with up to four spray guns. The flat conveyor system eliminates overspray on the underside of panels. Maintenance and coatings changeover is fast and easy.

PRIMA is easy to set up and includes an integrated, intuitive 6" touchscreen control. The automated part detection system instantly communicates panel size and position, greatly enhancing production speed and reducing coatings waste.

PRIMA efficiencies include; approximately 50% savings on coatings, exhaust air handling and heating requirements over manual spray processes.

PRIMA is the most cost-effective automated spray booth on the market.

Cefla North America offers the broadest range of finishing and coatings application equipment on the market today. Cefla has solutions to coat virtually any substrate; wood, metal, glass, plastics and composites. Spray equipment, roll coaters, vacuum coaters and many other automated systems help customers involved in furniture, panel processing, casegoods, flooring and dozens of other industries be more successful.

Visit Cefla Finishing on the web: Cefla.com. Contact Cefla North America: 704-598-0020.

Source: Cefla North America

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