Where are the woodworking jobs in Canada, how much revenue are the industries generating and what are the average wages? Check out the three infographics for details, plus find more market data in the December 2018 FDMC Wood Industry Almanac.

Click on the image to enlarge. Job information shown for the following industry segments: cabinetry, residential & institutional furniture; office furniture, architectural woodwork and fixtures; millwork (includes flooring & windows), pallets and containers; and veneer, plywood & engineered wood products manufacturing.

Fast Fact: Canada’s forest industry

In 2017, the forest industry contributed $24.6 billion – 1.6% – to Canada’s GDP. Of the 209,940 people working in the forest industry in 2017, 48% were in wood products manufacturing, 17% in forestry and logging, 28% paper manufacturing and 7% support activities for forestry. Source: Natural Resources Canada: The State of Canada’s Forests – 2018 report.

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