Multi-surface Wood Glue Development for Elmer's Products

Multi-surface Wood Glue Development for Elmer's Products  CLEVELAND - Sirrus, the laboratory team behind Nexabond, a clamp-free "Super Glue for Wood Joinery," says it has partnered with Elmer's Products for development of advanced wood glue products with its monomer platforms, Chemilian and Forza.

In describing the molecular structure of Chemilian, Sirrus notes characteristics such as flexibility, solvent resistance, hardness and fast-polymerization at room temperature.

Forza, Sirrus notes, exhibits strength and resistance to heat and chemicals.

Sirrus says the monomers could be used to develop fast-drying adhesives for wood and other applications that are resistant to heat, humidity and solvents.


“Elmer's has a proven history of successfully bringing innovations to market to address consumer and DIY needs,” said Joe Wetli, director of innovation and business development at Elmer's Products. “Our partnership with Sirrus provides access to a new technology that we believe can provide differentiation across our product portfolio.”

In its partnership with Sirrus, it's possible Elmer's Products could expand on its line of exterior wood glues, or its line of Elmer's ProBond multi-surface adhesives, which bond wood to metal with a 12-hour clamp time. Woodworkers may soon be able to secure metal components to wood surfaces in mere minutes.

“We are very pleased to sign this strategic partnership with Elmer’s,” said Mark Holzer, VP business development at Sirrus. “This partnership, already underway, is validation of our potential to bring a diverse portfolio of products to market through partners using our proprietary technology in novel applications.”

Sirrus, which originally launched under the Bioformix name, brought its Nexabond water-free, quick-dry wood glues technology to market beginning in 2010. It was shown at the International Builder's Show in Janaury in Las Vegas, and won a Visionary award in 2013 at the AWFS woodworking show in Las Vegas.


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