Adhesive Maker Bioformix Renamed Sirrus, Broadens MissionCINCINNATI – Bioformix has changed its name to Sirrus, and broadened its mission from adhesives to creating monomers that can be formulated into plastics, rubber, films, coatings, inks, sealants, adhesives and other products to make them more efficient, higher performing and sustainable.

Sirrus says the new name "better reflects its goal of revolutionizing manufacturing through innovations in chemistry," and providing industrial partners with improvement in process speeds and product performance.

Adhesive Maker Bioformix Renamed Sirrus, Broadens Mission"We wanted the company’s name and brand to reflect our evolution,” said Jeff Uhrig, who was named CEO of Sirrus in December. “Sirrus is a dynamic name that communicates the high-level thinking that we can bring to partners in the consumer products, automotive, electronics, millwork, packaging and healthcare industries.”

Sirrus says its brandmark is a graphic representation of the 1,1-disubstituted alkene molecule, fitting, says Uhrig, as Sirrus transitions its focus from selling ts Nexabond instant bonding wood glue, to a long-term business model of commercializing related  chemical platforms, including new technologies based on 1,1-disubstituted alkene monomers.

Sirrus’ latest product, Chemilian, a new polymer platform based on 1,1-disubstituted aklene monomer that is currently being commercialized.

Founded in 2009 and previously known as Bioformix, Sirrus was formed to commercialize efficient, high-performance, sustainable monomers, which yielded its Nexabond instant wood adhesive. Underlying technologies could develop into instantly-cured furniture coatings, and instant cure process adhesives for formaldehyde-free panel production. Maker Bioformix Renamed Sirrus, Broadens Mission

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