Cincinnati – Bioformix, Inc., a manufacturer of energy efficient, high-performance, sustainable polymer platforms, received a Visionary Award from the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS). The company took top honors in product innovation for its revolutionary new wood glue, the Nexabond™ 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive, at a ceremony on July 26 at the AWFS trade fair in Las Vegas. Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive was one of seven products out of 64 submitted for consideration to be honored for innovation.

The Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive was recognized for its creativity, quality and ingenuity in the Innovative Technology category. The product was developed using a unique, water-free chemistry that produces impressive performance capabilities. Unlike conventional wood glues, the Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive can bond metal, ceramic, glass, foam and most other surfaces to wood with ease, also accepting most stains and finishes.

“Receiving this award from the AWFS is a great honor for Bioformix. We are proud to showcase the Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive, as it is an exceptional product that plays an integral role in making woodworker’s jobs easier, with its quick curing time and ability to produce a super durable bond,” said Adam Malofsky, President and CEO of Bioformix, Inc.

Bioformix, Inc., has previously received honors for its research and development including the Cincinnati USA Innovation Award from the Cincinnati Business Courier in 2012 for the company’s unique engineering ideas and economic development.

About Bioformix, Inc.

Founded in 2009 by president and CEO Adam Malofsky and his father, Bernard Malofsky, PHD, Bioformix, Inc. was formed to commercialize energy efficient, high-performance, sustainable monomers, resins and polymers. Venture capital backed by over $500 billion in revenue companies, Bioformix will transform energy consumption in polymer based manufacturing, decorating and assembly. The company is currently best known for its revolutionary Nexabond™ 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive, a quick curing, water-free, super durable, instant wood adhesive that allows for a 75% reduction in cabinet assembly times. For more information, visit

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