Buyers of cabinets are taking a closer look at interior storage designs.

LED interior lighting packages offer benefits for cabinet consumers, says Jason Artus, business development manager for Luxury Custom Cabinetry Group, Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry and Rutt Regency.

“We offer plug-and-play LED interior lighting packages that illuminate a drawer or opening behind a door,” Artus says. “The LEDs themselves are contained in an aluminum extrusion, which is machined into the cabinet box itself for seamless integration. “

Artus says that Rutt officially began offering LED interior lighting packages as a standard option in 2012, but experimented with lighting in trade shows displays beginning in 2008.

LED lighting improved the final product by offering integrated LED lighting as an option installed at the factory. The consumer benefits from a cleaner, more integrated package instead of a field installed products, Artus says.
“There are virtually no visible wires with Rutt’s LED interior cabinet lighting packages,” he says. “At the dealership level it has simplified the design/specification aspect by eliminating the need of the kitchen designer to know the compatibility of the various different LED components, (such as) drivers, switches and sensors. Rutt uses LED lighting components from Hafele’s Loox series. Rutt also uses more than 300 individual SKU’s from Hafele ranging from magnetic catches to interior storage products such as their LeMans II, Magic Corner, and pullout waste units.

“Rutt has received tremendous product support from Hafele starting at the local rep level all the way up to their top level product managers,” Artus says.

Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry is the flagship brand that dates back to 1951. Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry is a completely custom line offering the availability of custom wood species, custom mouldings, and the best upscale designs.

Rutt Regency is produced in by the same craftspeople, and is a simpler version of the Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry, scaled back to provide Rutt’s best features at a lower price point level.

Hafele’s Loox technology offers furniture and cabinet-ready lighting systems that are based on plug-and-play technology, which makes the drivers and switches simple to specify and install by eliminating the need for wiring and soldering. The identification system for the operating system (12v, 24v or 350 mA) allows users to go by color-coded symbols, rather than a specific plug.

LED lighting can be applied in several areas throughout a home or office to provide energy-saving illumination that allows people to make better use of their space. Lighting strips can be applied to cabinets, drawers or furniture, for example.

LED lighting can also provide more aesthetically pleasing alternatives to puck lights or fluorescent tubes, which have been the limited lighting options for areas like cabinetry until now. The Loox collection also includes switches that allow for dimming and motion sensing, which can further reduce energy usage for certain tasks.

A major upgrade to Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry took place in 2010 when a newly designed, U.S. patented, dovetail drawer option was introduced. Clients have the option of walnut, mahogany, cherry, or poplar drawer boxes and interior storage accessories. Most recently, Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry launched a new product series, Ruskin, designed exclusively for Rutt by Scott A. Stutz, a renowned industry product designer.

Artus says that more attention is being paid to interior storage solutions and functionality. LED lighting falls into this category along with other functional elements such as lift up and sliding doors.

For 2014, he sees a continued interest in clean, crisp designs but with a focus leaning back to more traditional roots.

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