Primarily the reasons for a lack of required quality and productivity are results of environmental circumstances. If the environment is not conducive to harmonious productivity, it is often impossible to change from within. It requires external intervention by persons familiar with the importance of environmental factors and the insight to determine as to how they can be amended and improved.

Create a feedback loop

First of all quality assurance in manufacturing environments is granted by everyone's understanding of what the quality is. Secondly, everyone in the organization must be made responsible for it.

When the quality of manufactured processes resides in every operation it produces total quality in the sum of the parts. To reach this goal a constant feedback loop between the completed work and the rest of the operations within the company must be created.

Events drive improvement

Such feedback loops are governed by events. An event is the coming together of minds to solve an existing problem and finding a solution to it. An event is guaranteed to bring about improvements in all aspects of the operation of the business. An event is about attitude toward one another and toward the issue at stake.

The objective of such events is to implement incremental changes to avoid future issues with quality and service. An event seeks to uncover the root causes behind faulty workmanship and the lack of quality intended to be delivered.

These actions result in a can-do attitude and produce better products, happier customers and more of everything, and ultimately they produce a better company culture.

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