The percentage of difficult-to-machine decors in furniture production constantly increases, demanding new tooling concepts such as the Leitz Diamaster EdgeExpert program.
Whether wafer-thin paper laminates, veneers or sheets of high-gloss coating, the Diamaster EdgeExpert features tear free edges and core material on throughfeed machines and CNC machining centers. The edges are made smooth enough for a zero-joint edgeband by laser, plasma, or hot air.
Leitz WhisperCut cutterheads and EdgeExpert PCD router bits feature high-shear knife geometry which the company says drastically reduces cutting pressure, and slices through material with ease. This avoids “chiseling,” which often damages both the material and the wood.

WhisperCut cutterheads have been selected as a 2016 IWF Challengers Award semi-finalist. 

Designed for quality, durability, and decreased noise output, the cutterheads and router bits feature a lightweight aluminum body and replaceable knives, which can be re-sharpened up to 12 times. 

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