CINCINNATI - Since 1947, SENCO has been known for manufacturing high quality metal fasteners. Now, the company is expanding its line-up to include composite staples and nails for customers requiring blade-friendly, non-rusting, metal free fasteners.
Manufactured with a blend of polymer resin and fiberglass, composite fasteners are beneficial for specific applications in the woodworking, industrial, lumber tagging, timber processing, and millwork industries.
“The use of traditional metal fasteners in certain manufacturing applications can compromise the appearance, performance and value of the final product,” says SENCO product manager Eric Bellman. “Metal to metal contact can also damage equipment, reducing productivity and increasing maintenance costs. Our new composite fasteners eliminate these concerns.”

Metal Free

SENCO composite staples and nails can be used where metal staples and nails cannot due to moisture or metal detector use. They are also ideal for applications where sanding belts, saw blades, router bits, and molder knives can be damaged by metal fasteners, or in situations where the fasteners cannot be removed after the manufacturing process is completed.

Rust and Corrosion Free

SENCO composite fasteners won’t rust or corrode and are resistant to chemicals, sunlight, and moisture. Unlike metal, they do not cause wood deterioration, staining, or long-term degradation of the fasteners holding power. This makes them a convenient solution for outdoor projects.

Equipment Safe

SENCO’s composite fasteners can be sanded, shaped, and cut without damaging equipment. They are ideal for spoiler boards in CNC operations and joining smaller and larger boards for machining. They eliminate the need to clamp or construct complicated jigs for set-up. 
Unlike metal fasteners, composite staples and nails permanently fuse with the material they are being driven into when they are sanded down. This eliminates the need to putty, resulting in a seamless appearance when the material is painted or stained. 
SENCO composite fasteners are available in standard size strips that fit pneumatic nailers specifically designed to drive composite fasteners. Sizes include: 18 ga brad nails; 15 ga nails; 16 ga and 20 ga staples.
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