Following cancellation of the IWF show, RSA Solutions announced a four-point strategy for moving forward, according to Roger Shaw, chairman of the company.

  1. Move software system sales via webinars and social media. “We are going to expand the number of Zoom meetings we have and invite actual users of the technology to teach interested prospects on what the technology can do,” he said. “This accommodates the shift in society to virtual conferences and minimizes health risks.”
  2. Become more active with woodworking organizations such as AWI, Kitchen and Bath, WIC.
  3. Deploy proper safety systems and limit the amount of attendees when doing factory tours.
  4. Communicate with IWF attendees and let them know sales and marketing contact points.

Shaw noted that if the show had gone on, RSA would have focused on its Production Coach product, which won the Challenger Award previously. “This is the only sophisticated parts manager for woodworkers,” he said. “The business intelligence dashboards are now customizable with drill down into the data capabilities, perfect for project managers, operations managers and financial managers. This uses existing engineering data so deployment is one week versus the typical six months it takes for expensive ERP systems. We also now have smart labels that embed customizable data in the bar code.  So at assembly, workers are instructed on special call outs on all products.”

Noting that RSA is “more of a consulting company then a sales company,” Shaw said that most of RSA’s team started in the factory or in the tool equipment world. “Since we have served thousands of companies, we have been asked to solve problems in every department of the typical woodworking factory,” he said. “We see - and are sensitive to - problems that typically have become acceptable and overlooked. We have new solutions that can reduce costs and stress.”

He said the new initiatives are focused on (1) Engineering one offs (2) Managing jobs in the shop including scheduling and tracking (3) Reduction of material handling (4) Reduction of false start assemblies (5) Stoppage in the shipping areas (6) Manage field operations (7) Internet Commerce with Allmoxy. “The bottom line: It’s all about your processes and how you can get more done with fewer resources,” Shaw said. “Our passion is process enhancement with a calculated ROI.”




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